I became a fan of Mr. Dan Brown writings, since I read his first novel of Robert Langdon The Da Vinci Code. It captivated me in turns of plot, intriguing stories and a completely new perspective of Christianity. He can make me fixated on every page in the book. I read every single word of the sentences, it making me want to read more, and the mystery reveal at the end of the pages with a sigh of relief and satisfaction in my eyes.

Same is true when I read Demons and Angels. It reveals the Vatikan city in the new perspective. Though I currently never set my foot longer than Singapore, a vast literature of Vatican city and Rome is making my eyes glittering with anxiousness for a perfect novel reading with those cities background. Demons and Angels provide me with just like that. It is perfect in every aspect! The story, the plots, the characters and more than I can write it down!

Then I find myself come waiting for the next Dan Brown novel, and it is a welcome one when I heard the next novel came out. It will not since three days ago when I finally read The Lost Symbol. It has lying still for as far as I can remember since I acquire the copy. It seduces me every time I look upon it, but I seem never had the time to even open it.

Then the time comes, I finally read the book and devouring those 300 more pages, when it hit me like a brick.

I am sorry, but it just the way it is.

The beginning Chapters looks very promising, Mr. Dan Brown really nailed it there. The story taking the start perfectly. It begins with Freemasonry idealism in minds. Freemasonry always captures me beyond my understandings along together with my lack of knowledge and literature about the subject. But the excitement building rapidly in my mind as I can see the Washington DC begin to materialize in my mind.

Also in the beginning Chapters, until Chapter 39, the plot that taking my mind is truly impressive. The introductions of the characters are flawless, none of the plots building there, are predictable.

But in the middle of the book, it starts to crumbling down. I cannot believe Mr. Dan Brown make a rookie writer mistake. I can guess who the villain is! And I can also feels what the End Chapter reveals! The first series of symbols on the pages are dull! If you believe me, I can remember drawing the line dot symbols when I was 10 years old, exactly like that, when I was playing a covert agent with my friend’s, writings a coded letter with symbols like it, asking where our rendezvous is.

The disappointment will not stop there. I keep reading the novel, hoping for the ‘kick’ I was looking for. The side story looks promising, so I went with my hope looking at that directions. The content in Sato Titanium cases is intriguing enough. The Noetic Science became far more interesting, with Catherine breakthroughs overlooking my building disappointment.

Now I find myself flipping the pages with total lost of interest in main plot. The one keep me going is Mr. Dan Brown brilliant theme arrangement of Chapters, sciences, and background places. I keep wondering the Lost Word could be but I feel I knew the answer, as the Word also often spoken by black priest or black community in Hollywood movies.

The combine of religion and science also lost it touch, as those subjects have been explored deeply in Angels and Demons. In The Lost Symbol, it connection reveal nothing new.

I grew in Indonesia, those connection between science and religion are no new subject in Moslem world. Every Moslem knows about the Prophet Mohammad SAW urging every Moslem to educate them self vigorously for science even as far as China (the most advance civilization in its day) and to the death. Since then, the science blooming in the Eastern World, Algebra = Mathematics and Alchemy is one of them, but unfortunately the people who said they are Moslems are seems to forgetting the Prophet Mohammad SAW urging and rely them self in lust and greed, at least it what I saw in the region of lower right corner of USA world map.

So when the final Chapter reveal the Lost Word, the true identity of the Villain, I feel no sensation I was looking for, although I assume that the Villain develop another identity inside, but he seems just ‘transform’ into psychological state, which it bring nothing new to the subject. No dramatic end, no ‘kick’ at all what so ever.

What about the Sato Laptop Titanium embedded case? It intrigues me at first, but the revealing shock is never occurs, thanks to Hollywood movie. No startling, mind blowing effect I feel when I finally knew. Hollywood movie are so explicit in that subject, whether that a Ku Klux Clan antagonist or simply an 80-90’s hard rock/metal movie like the Sylvester Stallone Cobra. Either way, it also disappointing.

How about the Noetic science like the soul transformation and other science like the breathable liquid substance? Well, no disappointment there! I like every bit of science Mr. Dan Brown throw at me in that subject, just as anti matter subject in Angels and Demons that make me going thru essays of Mr. Stephen Hawkins – String of Time – or books of Anti Matter by Frank Close which I currently reading.

In fact, the science and the science fiction part is the one that make me going until the last page of The Lost Symbol.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Dan Brown wouldn’t make this mistake again in the future, because sure hell I like and love his writings and truly I like to shake hand of the man in person, talk mind to mind with him to sincerely express my deepest gratitude for the work of The Da Vinci Code and also Angels and Demons.